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A fundamentally new way to sell real estate assets in Bankruptcy.

BK Global is the Leader in Selling Bankruptcy Real Estate Nationwide

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BK Global® is a national company with a bankruptcy service platform connecting Trustees, Servicers, Attorneys, certified bankruptcy Real Estate Agents and a centralized Fulfillment Team of specialists that assist Trustees in managing their real estate assets in bankruptcy.

We Connect Trustees

We connect Trustees to real estate disposition solutions on asset sales nationwide.

A first-of-its-kind, sales, modification and analytics solution has become the smartest way to maximize estate value for creditors even on over-encumbered assets previously thought of as nonsalable.

With a few simple clicks Trustees now can analyze debtors assets and make smart and quick decisions on which assets to sell, modify or abandon.

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We Connect Servicers

Bankruptcy Compliance. Time and Cost Savings.

We connect Servicers to “loss mitigation” options for loans in bankruptcy. Utilize the Bankruptcy Code and the duties of the trustee to expedite a sale or revert the property back to your inventory free and clear of all liens. Enhance your team’s process, with no additional staff or overhead, to accelerate case closure by working with our Transaction Service team and bankruptcy trustees for each transaction.

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We Connect Attorneys

Bankruptcy Trustees & Servicers

We connect debtors’ attorneys to bankruptcy trustees and servicers nationwide to help negotiate a Consented Sale™, loan modification or a Deed-in-lieu. Mitigating the debtors’ obligation in bankruptcy and avoiding foreclosure is a win-win for the debtor and the servicer.

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We Connect Real Estate Agents

Acquire more listings on a monthly basis and access to top opportunties

BK Global™ implements a leading broker training and certification program through its BK Global Institute division. We leverage best-of-breed technology and decades of experience and knowledge to ensure our nationwide network of professionals are at the tip of the industry’s spear.

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