Robert Shiller

Vice President of Operations

Robert Shiller brings 14 years of mortgage servicing experience to the team. Prior to joining BK Global, Shiller was SVP of Servicing at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors. He was responsible for creating the infrastructure, development and operations for Wingspan’s loan servicing operations and managed a division of Wingspan which focused on home retention and foreclosure alternative strategies. Shiller has spent a majority of his career integrating technology platforms with compliance protocols to adhere to municipality requirements, state, and federal laws. He has created due diligence platforms that account for as many as 50 unique audit items to review in the process of on-boarding new or transferred loans. Shiller has also sat on compliance committees for major organizations spearheading the responses to ensure adherence to regulatory compliance changes.

In recent years, Shiller has addressed the regulatory changes issued by the CFPB and developed processes to automate the requirements of the Qualified Written Response (QWR). He has implemented into numerous companies’ systems the policies and procedures of the CFPB servicing guidelines and third party oversight as well as the newly adopted homeowners’ state bill of rights requirements. In 2014 alone, he was responsible for managing the CFPB pre-audit process for companies and 10 different state audits producing favorable compliance ratings.

Prior to joining Wingspan, he spent six years with Dallas-based Real Time Resolutions, Inc., where he served as director of default recovery. Robert began his career with this firm, rising from the collections analyst to supervise the bankruptcy and collections/ loss mitigation departments. He was recruited to Wingspan while at the JPMorgan Chase subsidiary, EMC Mortgage Company, where he managed the daily operations of the loss mitigation staff. Robert received his bachelor’s degree from The University of Kansas.

  • Holds a bachelor's degree from The University of Kansas.
  • Former SVP of Servicing at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors.
  • Former Director of Default recovery at Real Time Resolutions, Inc.