Bankruptcy Loan Purchase Program

A Purpose-Driven division of BK Global Committed To Achieving Sustainable Positive Economic And Social Impact By Acquiring, Servicing Surveillance And Providing Solutions for Mortgages In Bankruptcy.

We are specialists in the acquisition and Surveillance of individual and pooled bankruptcy mortgages. Our services are catered to investors, servicers, trustees and debtors creating a win-win for all parties.

BK Global Capital Management advises investors and servicers with detailed bankruptcy analysis and mortgage loan surveillance. Proven analytical techniques, servicing expertise and value-add recommendations are all key factors that distinguish BK Global.

BK Global reduces credit losses and improves the servicing process by performing detailed, analytical assessments of bankruptcy loan surveillance and providing actionable solutions to minimize risk and maximize recovery.BK Global’s dedicated team of analysts audit the servicing process to identify missed opportunities and discrepancies by offering recommendations to improve overall bankruptcy loan servicing.

Our Value Proposition: